PS4 to PS4 Pro Transfer Speed / Time

I recently upgraded to a PS4 Pro from an original release model PS4. I chose to copy all my games, files, settings, etc to the new system from the old so I didn’t have to waste time doing manual setup. For anyone who’s looking for reference, it took about 2.5-3 hours. I didn’t keep an exact record because I let it run while working, but it was a lot less than others have claimed where they let it go overnight. To be more specific…

I copied about 400 GB from an original PS4 to a 1 TB God of War special edition PS4 Pro. I used wired gigabit ethernet for both. The original estimated time was 79 minutes, but I knew that’d be too little. It ended up taking about 2.5 times that estimate, which was fine. Second by second transfer speed varied wildly, as it does with any large transfer because large files go faster than smaller ones.

If you’re doing a similar copy, I strongly suggest using wired ethernet if possible and estimate 37 MB per second average (faster for large files, slower for smaller). This should give you a rough estimate of how long it’s going to take and whether you should just do it overnight (say, if you’re copying 1 TB or more) or just over a meal (50 GB). Once initial steps completed and the process started the copy, no intervention was required of me.

If you’re not using wired gigabit ethernet, your copy speed will probably be significantly different than mine.

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