Arduino Stepper Motor Controller

This is quite a deviation for me. Instead of talking web or games programming, this is a quick post about the Arduino and a stepper motor controller. I ordered the stepper motor and controller combo pack (“DC 5V 4-Phase 5-Wire Step Motor + Driver Board Test Module for Arduino”)¬†from I then pulled up the Adafruit tutorial for their stepper motor and controller, but it turns out the IC is different. Further, they’re expecting a raw IC on a breadboard while the one from MiniInTheBox comes with the IC on a board. Fortunately, it’s really easy to work around.

It turns out that the stepper motor seems to function fine if you use the Adafruit sample code and hook up the outputs 9-12 in sequence on the controller. So 9 goes to “1N1”, 10 goes to “1N2”, etc. Then run the Adafruit provided code, enter a number like 200 (or 2000 like I did in the video) and watch it turn! Cool! Here’s video proof, with pictures below showing the hookup.

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