IceCream for XNA 4 Available via SVN!

I’ve been in touch with Loïc, one of the author’s (the primary?) of IceCream, the 2d framework and toolset for XNA. He just committed to SVN the codebase compatible with XNA 4! You can grab it from their repository URL: (that URL has both the XNA 3.1 and 4 code).

Not all of it is done, but I think it’s enough for me to get going. I tried updating the Visual Studio templates for VS2010 and XNA 4, but the format has changed for multi-project solutions and templates are just not something I’m very familiar with. I actually got it about 90% of the way there, but it’s not something I would feel comfortable releasing (I don’t release things at 90%). I had spent too much time already as I had issues with my Export Template menu item, and I was more eager to get in and play with code. Maybe I’ll try to complete it sometime this week.

I’m also having difficulty building the XBox 360 and Windows Phone 7 versions of the library because of the reliance on XML, but they’re not critical platforms for me. PC is all I need for now. (X360 and WP7 run reduced versions of the .NET framework where the standard XML routines are not included).

Here’s hoping to more IceCream updates soon! Thanks, Loïc!

4 thoughts on “IceCream for XNA 4 Available via SVN!”

  1. Brad, thanks! I can’t commit to the official SVN repo either, so I think I’m going to fork the code to Google Code this weekend. I have several changes I’d like to get into an official fork, including decent support for collision detection via Farseer.

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